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As a REALTOR, it is important to have certain key folks at your disposal. Undoubtedly, a Real Estate Attorney is one which could be considered as the most important, as they legally pave the way for success or detriment.  I use TJ for ALL of my personal transactions and he is happy to lend his services to my customers for his ability to seamlessly comb through even the most intricate of transactions. What you need from an attorney is Availability, Savvy and Speedy responses – TJ provides just that.

Christopher Walker - Real Estate Agent

Client, Corbin & Associates

TJ Corbin has represented me and my business interests for more than half a decade. He’s reliable, trustworthy, and one of the hardest working attorney’s I’ve ever had.
James Capodanno

Client, Corbin & Associates

TJ Corbin has helped me start several businesses, and over the years has become a trusted advisor. His advice is always sound and well-grounded… even when it isn’t what you want to hear
Steve Yurman

Client, Corbin & Associates

Professional Associates

TJ and I attended law school together, and he has been a close business associate and friend ever since. I refer many of my clients to him for their residential and commercial needs, and even enlisted his assistance when purchasing my own home. I recommend him strongly.
Matthew Konnecky, Esq.

Attorney, The Law Offices of Matthew Konecky

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